[Genting] Joseph Koo & Friends Concert 2017

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Genting Malaysia Berhad (58019-U)

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Wisma Genting, 28, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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+603-2718 1118
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[Genting] Joseph Koo & Friends Concert 2017
Date :
Saturday, 08 July 2017
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Arena of Stars, Resorts World Genting
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2017-03-24 | 10am

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[Genting] Joseph Koo & Friends Concert 2017
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   Event Synopsis

Joseph Koo Kar-Fai, is one of the most respected composers[1] in Hong Kong. He used the pen name Moran (莫然) for Mandarin songs early in his career. He has two siblings: an older sister, the famous Chinese singer/painter Koo Mei (顧媚), and a younger brother, Koo Kar-Tseung (顧嘉鏘).

Frances Yip Lai-yee (born 1947) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer. She is best known for performing many of the theme songs for television series produced by TVB in the 1980s and early 1990s. Her first singing job was in 1969 when she won a talent contest on Hong Kong television where she met the composer, Joseph Koo.[1] Koo used Yip to sing commercial jingles.[1] Her first record, Bu Liao Qing (Love Without End) was recorded in the same year. In 1973, Yip was working for Cathay Pacific and her album, Discovery, was based on her experiences traveling.[2] Discovery was sung in nine different languages and the album inspired a London talent agent to find her.[2] She signed onto EMI records and lived in London for two years.[2] Yip hit international fame with her signature tune, The Bund from the TVB drama of the same title.[3] After she recorded The Bund, she returned to Hong Kong.[2] In her 45-year career, Yip has released more than 80 albums,[1] mostly of songs in American English, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Mexican Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She has performed on television, and in films, concerts and cabarets in more than 30 countries on five continents.[1] Her linguistic skills, with unique interpretations of lyrics in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as several other Asian languages, have led to a fan base across a wide range of cultures and countries.

Elisa Chan is one of the most respected figures in Hong Kong’s music industry. She started as the lead vocalist in one of Hong Kong’s top pop groups, the New Topnotes. She then turned solo in the early 80’s and has been a celebrated Cantopop artist for over 30 years. Her musical repertoire ranges from Western pop to Cantopop and audiences are always impressed by her powerful on-stage performances and was voted as the Best Performer of Hong Kong in 1998. "To dream, to dare, to make it happen" - a line that Elisa abides to always full-gears her energy, determination and dedication to good music. Throughout her career, she has released over 20 solo albums and earned her many great hits. The latest album - (Everything Must Change), Elisa worked together with Chris Babida and was released in 2011.Elisa's solo concert -The Impossible. Concert was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 1994, and from then on, she has appeared in countless major concerts counting the three times encored Joseph Koo and James Wong Concert in 1999 and 2005 together over 35 shows.

Teresa Cheung Tak-lan is a Hong Kong singer of Hakka Dabu ancestry. She participated in the entertainment industry since she was a child (stage name Cheung Yuen-yuen 張圓圓).,and was a member of the Four Golden Flowers. She rose to fame in Hong Kong through the 1980s on the back of a song that she sang for the TVB series The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. She also sang the main theme for the TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes (1983) and three of its subthemes.In 1988 she married business director and arts administrator Frankie Yeung. She is also a Catholic.

Gallen Lo Ka-leung is a Hong Kong actor and singer who primarily acts in television series. He is sometimes credited as King Gallen or Law Ka-leung. Lo started his television career in 1984 at ATV. He received short-term success in acting ATV and singing theme songs for some ATV series. Lo left ATV for rival TVB, but his career did not bloom until 1996, when he was cast in the series Old Time Buddy in 1997 and Secret of the Heart in 1998. Lo won TVB's Best Actor Award three times (1997, 1998, 2002).In 2003, Lo left TVB and started to focusing on acting and making commercials in Mainland China.


葉麗儀1947年生于香港,曾就讀於荃灣官立小學及圣嘉勒女書院,中學畢業後曾為匯豐銀行職員、國泰航空職員及輔警;直到1969年,她參加無綫電視歌唱選秀節目《聲寶之夜》,以《You Don't Have To Say You Love Me》和《Yesterday》,獲評判顧嘉煇給予滿分而奪冠,隨後加入娛樂圈。1974年加盟倫敦百代唱片有限公司 ( EMI ),成為旗下首位亞洲歌手。成名前曾翻唱許多知名藝人的歌曲結集出碟,如羅文、鄭少秋等,也在星馬等六個國家灌錄過不同語言的唱片。80至90年代初期,她先後為多部無綫電視電視劇獻唱主題曲,憑著雄厚的唱腔和飽滿的氣息,以及電視劇《上海灘》的同名主題曲蜚聲國際。《上海灘》至今仍為全世界華人所津津樂道,她也多次說道:「事到如今,我仍然是不唱那首歌就不能完場。」

陳潔靈 ELISA CHAN,當今樂壇不可多得的女歌手。她的表演全面,無論在舞台上,或在演繹歌曲技巧上,每次都發揮得淋漓盡致;憑著她細緻的感情, 收放自如的歌聲,廣闊的音域,多元化的音樂路線,一直以來,都被公認為實力派女歌手的瑰寶。 ELISA 極具歌唱才華,擅唱不同類形的歌曲,更能以多種語言演繹。她亦從事其他音樂創作,包括作曲, 填詞及監製唱片製作, 因而豐富了她的音樂事業。1995-2001年期間,多次為舞台劇《我和春天有個約會》及《麗花皇宮》等演出,更創下個人演出舞台劇超過二百場的紀錄。2004年於美國三藩市與著名爵士樂天后Patti Austin一同為《PAPILLON 4》演出,更帶給她一次難忘的旅程。出道至今,Elisa共推超過二十張大碟,2007年推出了以輕爵士樂編曲的發燒大碟《隨想》,獲得樂迷、業內人士及音樂發燒友推崇備至。2011年分別推出 《隨想2》及與Chris Babida鮑比達合作灌錄《Everything Must Change》,將經典作品注入新靈魂。

葉振棠(Johnny Yip;1945年2月 -),人稱棠哥,澳門出生;資深實力派粵語流行曲歌手,至今已投身香港樂壇數十載。1970年代與陳潔靈二人組成新特樂樂隊(New Topnotes),當上樂隊主音;隨後又加入「馬正棠」再度成為樂隊主音,歌路以通俗、社會時弊的題材為主,但發展未如理想。樂隊拆夥時,葉振棠決定以個人名義獨立發展,才開始嶄露頭角。1980年於麗的電視,唱出他第一首電視劇主題曲《浮生六劫》,其後一直為亞洲電視(麗的電視)唱電視劇主題曲。80年代中期他又獲無綫起用,為多部無綫電視劇集唱主題曲,皆為顧嘉煇作曲及編曲,如:《戲班小子》、《忘盡心中情》、《難為正邪定分界》等,當中《忘盡心中情》更成為了他的首本名曲;對此他直言感謝上天賜予他機會,唱這些傳誦至今仍膾炙人口的歌曲[1]。後來葉振棠一直為亞洲電視唱主題曲,直到2000年代初。據說葉振棠是香港唱過最多電視劇主題曲的歌手[來源請求]。2015年,年屆七十的葉振棠參與《顧嘉煇榮休盛典演唱會》的演出,以感謝顧嘉煇多年來的提攜。

張德兰生于香港,本名张圓圓;十歲當童星,之后以童星身份首度加入香港無线電視 ,1975年與沈殿霞、汪明荃及王愛明四人組成「四朵金花」;在怀旧节目《歡樂今宵》演出,其中合唱《四朵金花》、《世界真細小》等膾炙人口;因此在当時广受欢迎,也認識了樂坛教父顧嘉煇 ,1976年与顧嘉煇正式合作;分別演繹了多首名曲,艺名「张德兰」是娛樂唱片正式取用的,代表作:《陸小鳳》插曲《鮮花滿月樓》/《落花淚影》/《願君心記取》,《網中人》,《神鵰俠侶》主題曲《何日再相見》,插曲《情義兩心堅》/《問世間》/《留住今日情》,(1984年首次個人演唱會),1988年結婚,同年張德蘭決定正式退出香港娛樂圈,並與無綫電視解約 ,(1990年TVB台慶節目《電視先峰羣英會》中演唱《鮮花滿月樓》/《網中人》)。

羅嘉良(Gallen Lo,1962年12月16日-),香港著名演員及歌手。羅嘉良曾被人稱為「撈家」,首位获得三届视帝的TVB「一哥」,憑電視劇《難兄難弟》、《天地豪情》、《流金歲月》三度成為香港視帝,三次的獲獎次數為長達10年之獎項紀錄保持者,直至2012年被黎耀祥打平,其後在2014年再被郭晉安打平。1984年参加无线电视新秀歌唱大赛投身演艺界。1986年加入香港無綫電視,2003年离开無綫電視,往中國发展,同年签约香港寰宇有限公司。但現仍是無綫電視部頭合約藝員。

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